Common Questions

Below you will find the answers to the questions we are asked most often.

How many people will the restrooms be able to accommodate?
Our small (10') unit will accommodate up to 100 guests. There are two individual stalls. Each stall has a commode and a sink.

Our medium (17') unit will accommodate up to 250+ guests. The Men's section has two (2) urinals, a commode (1), and a sink (1). The Ladies' room has three (3) commodes and two (2) sinks.

Our large (26') unit will accommodate up to 350+ guests. The Men's section has two (2) urinals, a commode (1), and a sink (1). The Ladies' room has three (3) commodes and two (2) sinks. This unit also has a service stall attached that can remain open 24-hours. This unit has a commode and a sink. This section is often used for staff, vendors, or wedding guests after-hours. This unit provides a flushing toilet and a sink with cold water only (all other sinks in all of our units provide hot water).

Where can the restrooms be placed?
Any area that is reasonably level and large enough to accommodate the footprint (outline) of the trailer. Both our larger and smaller bathrooms can fit in some places where you might not have thought it was possible. We can determine this with a quick site inspection at no charge to you.

Are the bathrooms air conditioned?
Absolutely. We have put oversized AC units on all of our trailers to appropriately meet the demands on those hot and humid summer days. On our larger trailers we actually have two AC units installed so that there is one each for the Men's and Women's side. For those chilly summer nights we also have electric fireplaces to make sure the temperature is just right.

Do I need to provide a water source?
No. Our portable bathroom trailers come equipped with ample on board water tanks. These water supplies are more than adequate in most instances. However, if you would like to ensure an endless water supply we can simply attach a garden hose to the restroom.

How much electricity do I need to power the restroom trailers?
None! Our luxury portable restrooms come equipped with their own generators to provide all the power that is needed. This eliminates all worry about whether the electrical system of your wedding venue or event site has the ability to handle the correct power requirements. This also means that if the caterer or the DJ happens to trip an electrical breaker, there is no disruption in the bathroom service because we independently provide our own power.

How will the bathroom stay clean for the duration of our event?
The bathroom is staffed by our attendant who is responsible for monitoring the supplies, equipment, and keeping the unit sparkling clean throughout the entire duration of your event. Our qualified attendant will be there from beginning to end to ensure restroom cleanliness.

What is so special about the service provided by Luxury Event Restrooms?
We achieve this "special" level of service by simply following through on all of the "basic" tasks and services that we commit to provide our clients. When you have a special request, we will do just about anything to accommodate the request. With over 35 years combined experience in the service oriented and event rental industries we make sure that you don't have any additional concerns on the day of your event.

What is so special about the products of Luxury Event Restrooms?

Physical features:
-real porcelain toilets that flush at the touch of a button
-Vermont Verde Antique stone defines the vanity tops.
-6-panel wooden doors on bathroom stalls. Doors extend all the way to the floor for complete privacy
-Spacious stalls equipped with coat/purse hooks as well as shelves for drinks, phones or other items
-integrated speaker system with CD player or iPod capabilities (ours or yours)
-Air conditioning units that are adequately rated to maintain proper temperatures on those sweltering hot days. Our larger trailers have multiple units to ensure temperature.
-Central heat for those chilly summer evenings and cold fall days
-Fireplace heaters in each half of the trailer to ensure thorough heating when needed and for an aesthetically pleasing space
-Real cotton towels for each guest to dry his or her hands with
-Designer hand soaps or your own special request if you prefer
-Courtesy baskets filled with a few specific items that each gender might find helpful or enjoyable (Band-Aids, hand cream, hair spray, Advil, feminine products, after shave, combs, etc)
-Abundant mirrors above the sinks and on the walls for primping and grooming

Technical Specifications of our restrooms that will ensure a seamless event:
-On board fresh water so our trailers do NOT need a water supply (but we can hook up to a water supply if one is available)
-Quiet generators - we've equipped these units with the quietest generator that Honda offers. This means that no power source is needed by your at the site. Electrical power is one of the largest concerns with portable restrooms as most sites aren't set up to properly handle the electrical demands of the pumps, lights, heaters, and air conditioners. This also means that we will not interfere or compete for power with needs of your DJ/band, caterer (coffee pots are a HUGE power draw), or any other vendors.
-Battery back-up power. While we don't anticipate generator malfunctions we do have contingency plans for them (just in case). Our restrooms still provide flushing toilets, lights, music, and running water in the unlikely event that the generator would have a mechanical problem.

Customer Service:
Communication - We will respond promptly and accurately to all questions before, during, and after your event. We will communicate via whichever method you prefer: in person, phone, email, or text.
Reliability - We stress about the details of making everything work so you don't have to have any concerns. You can rest easy knowing that we will deliver everything we have said we would.
Flexibility - If you have unique requests or circumstances surrounding your event we will do our best to meet these needs rather than simply telling you that it can't be done.
Candor - We will speak frankly with you about your event. You will get real answers to any technical questions, without any fluff.

How Much is the Rental Fee?
10' unit rental fee - $2,100 per day includes 50 mile delivery radius and all other amenities. There are no additional charges or fees.
17' unit rental fee - $3,050 per day includes 50 mile delivery radius and all other amenities There are no additional charges or fees.
26' unit rental fee - $3,800 per day includes 50 mile delivery radius and all other amenities There are no additional charges or fees.

Please contact us for consecutive day rental fees or semi-permanent installations.

What does the fee include?
-Everything except Vermont Sales Tax.
-Delivery within 50 miles of Burlington, VT 05401 
-On site attendant during the event for up to 8 hours
-Pick up of unit within 50 miles of Burlington, VT 05401
-Waste disposal
-On board fresh water (if desired)
-Power supplied by generator